Why Low Noise ?

Low Noise for LASER cutting operation

In metal industry, and especially for LASER cutting operation, a lot of high adhesion protective films are used. The drawback of these high adhesion protective films is the important noise level created during the unwinding, which can reach 100 dB and more.


​Novacel, worldwide leader for the manufacturing and sales of temporary protective film, innovate again. After the development of the NOVACEL® 4228REF protective film for LASER Fiber and CO2 cutting of metals, became the reference of the market, Novacel is now involved in health and wellbeing of its customers.

Novalcel's Protective film for LASER Fiber

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A standard high adhesion product unwinding create a noise level similar to a concert. This is critical when an operator is exposed to this noise level during a full work shift. The New Novacel Low Noise Technology drastically reduce the noise level during the unwinding.