Novacel Low Noise technology offers also a drastically reduced unwinding force compared to standard high adhesion products, from -50% to -90% depending of the speed of unwinding.​

This eased unwinding force allows optimization of the switchover time between two protective film rolls and thus the productivity of the lines of Novacel customers.

The quality of lamination of the Low Noise protective film is improved : no elongation nor defect due to lamination.

Increase your operational efficiency

  • Time reduced for roll switchover & for machine shutdown
  • Full speed production
  • Perfect lamination without elongation

Novacel is fully engaged in the health and wellbeing of its customers as well as their operational efficiency.

Novacel Lownoise technology

The Novacel Low Noise technology, part of the Novacel LASER Fiber range

The new NOVACEL® Low Noise range keeps all the benefits of the Novacel Fiber LASER range, with a using in total security with Fiber and CO2 technologies, at full cutting speed, in one step.

Preserve your metal finishes with NOVACEL® Low Noise protective films during​ LASER cutting and other mechanical transformations (bending, drawing, forming...).

  • Fiber & CO2 LASER technology
  • Cut in a simple single run, at full speed
  • No bubbling
  • Peel off in one piece, with no blocking or tearing
  • Print with mill and brush direction, QR code to our website​

Laser cutting

The NOVACEL® Low Noise range already includes 3 Fiber and CO2 LASER products, which can cover the whole needs of the LASER cutting market. This range has a specific visual identity, regrouping the LASER indications for Fiber and CO2 technologies, the brushing direction, as well as a QR code leading to our dedicated website, giving more information on the Low Noise technology and the benefits.

Novacel Lownoise References