Health & Wellbeing

The new Low Noise technology by Novacel

Unwinding Noise below 85 dB

The new Low Noise technology allows to unwind very high adhesion protective film rolls with a noise level below 85 dB. This noise level reached is below the existing internationals standards and particularly the 2003/10/CE directive from the European Parliament, and the legal limit sets by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States Department of Labor (Directive TED 01-00-015). The legislation at work enforces to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) from 85 dB, the permissible exposure limit (PEL).

The Low Noise Technology allows a quieter working environment during lamination of very high adhesion protective film on surface. The decibels gain, measured by an independent accredited control laboratory allows to avoid the mandatory hearing protection devices (HPDs) wearing and offers to operators on production line an unmatched hearing comfort.

The committees for Health, Safety and Working Conditions within companies and occupational medicine services are looking for solutions allowing to fight against the noise in workshops. The NOVACEL® Low Noise technology is a response to this need.

The productivity and the quality of customers are of course linked to operators concentration on the production line. A less noisy working environment, thanks to the new Novacel Low Noise technology, goes in that way. This technological innovation preserves the operators health, essential component of wellbeing at work.

The new Low Noise technology allows, de facto, to reduce the costs linked to hearing personal protective equipment now redundant, as well as equipments directly integrated on protective film lamination machine.

Noise limitation

Unwinding Noise level below 85dB


Easy to unwind / Pain free


Easy to set-up / Perfect lamination


Europe & US directives


Get rid of your hearing protection !

  • Unwinding noise < 85dB
  • Complies with international safety legislation for noise


  • Reduction of sick leaves due to noise-induced stress
  • Decreasing noise-related cost (PPE, casing, anti-noise slab...)

Eased unwinding force

In addition, the new Novacel Low Noise technology offers a drastically reduced unwinding force. It allows an easy set up on the line and avoid pain risk during manual unwinding operation, daily work done by the operators.This benefit is an improvement researched by occupational health services.

Get rid of your pain !

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to unwind